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swallowing its tail

the pure-hearted
23 October 1983
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Chaotic, quixotic, noble and afraid; passionate, impotent; arrogant, betrayed. Lover of battle, eros' knight, noble, roguish, frightening, inscrutable, amazed. Bound to rocks in Tartarus, pushing stones with Sisyphus, exaltant with the muses and lost in Elysium days. Shadowed, bright, a paradox; restless ghost with matted locks- Intense in mind and gaze. Softest nights' embrace. Burning flame above the world, caught breathless without air; flaring, falling, shattering, fractally aware. Seeker, sought, with angels fought, wrestling for truth with God- but does She care? Ageless child, mute poet, blind oracle- eyes put out with golden knives until sight has cleared.

These, I am, and more; and less; my name is Ozymandias, look upon my works, ye mighty Despair! Yet empty kingdoms rise again, and knife-bought visions never end; unwounded, whole with incompletion, I hear the roar of distant seas of shadows on the moon... for I am there.

If you're interested in reading more of my journal, just friend me and send me a message. However, most of what I write is public.